Why do Business Cards Matter

Why business cards matter? 

Despite living in a digital world, a business card can be a crucial pat of the development of your company. Handing over a well-designed, thought out business card can create a solid first impression, better than any website or social media account.

business-cardsBusiness cards can go wherever you go, making them an essential mobile marketing tool and helping to build brand recognition.
This means it’s incredibly important to spend time designing your business card to ensure it reflects your business in a way you’re happy with. At Leeds Printing Company we are always happy to offer advice on business card design and printing, with a design team on hand to help create professional business cards.

A couple of important things to consider before sending your business cards to print are GSM and font/text size. GSM is a measurement for the weight of paper, however this also gives you an idea of the thickness of your business card.

To give you an idea 80gsm is generally standard, home-printer paper, whereas the standard business card is commonly 400ggm as it needs to be strong enough to be carried around without easily becoming dog-eared. Some customers such as cafes and bars prefer to choose uncoated stock as it matches their brand whereas corporate companies tend to go for laminated stock for a more professional look and feel.

The font and text size used to display information on your business card should be clear and easy to read. Using an unusual font may look nice but if essential information such as your email address isn’t displayed clearly then this ould cause you to lose potential customer.

At Leeds Printing Company we offer you a variety of different options for your business cards such as soft touch lamination, matt and uncoated! Below is an example of some business cards we have printed in the past.The below image shows an example of well designed business cards. The information is set out clearly in a font that is easy to read. We printed these triple-layer, 810gsm business cards for The Property Buying Company.

Business Cards & Flyers

Business Cards don’t have to be used just for passing on contact details, there are many other uses. Some of our clients have used Business Cards for:

  • Loyalty Cards with areas for stamping
  • Vouchers
  • Competition Cards
  • RSVP Cards
  • Discount Cards

If you are looking for business card printing, have a look at our prices on the business card page or get in touch for a quote. 0113 3226442 or info@leedsprintingcompany.co.uk

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