Specialist Finishes

If you are looking to create print that leaves a lasting impression, a specialist finish may be the right option for you. Below are descriptions of each finish we offer.


Foiling involves adding areas of gold or silver foil to your print. You can choose to foil large areas or small areas to add depth and detail to your design. Foiling looks great on business cards.



Embossing is a process that creates a raised or indented pattern on your print. It is important to consider if your design is suitable for embossing. Big Logos and text looks best when embossed, as small designs tend to be hard to read. It is also important to think about the reverse, as anything you emboss on the front will be visible on the back so make sure when designing that the embossing would not get in the way of any important information.


Spot UV

Spot UV varnish finishing is one of the most popular finishing techniques in business printing and for good reason. You can use spot UV to highlight logos, photos and graphics to add interest and enhance colours. Spot UV delivers a finish that encourages potential clients to pick up your printed materials and look at them more closely.

Spot UV

Die Cutting

Don’t want just another boring rectangle flyer? Then di-cutting is the one for you! Die Cutting allows you to produce a clean cut custom shape which is very popular for folders and business cards. Being able to customize the shape of your print allows you more freedom with design as well as being able to create more personalized and unique print.


Matt Lamination

Matt lamination involves placing a thin layer of matt finish plastic to each side. This matt lamination gives the card a unique texture as well as offering protection against discolouration and fading!


Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination is similar to matt lamination. A coating of high shine plastic is placed on both sides of the print to give it a glossy finish.