Inspiration for Your Brochure Design

Despite most marketing efforts have been transferred online, a hands-on printed brochure is still an important marketing material. It’s a summary that can speak volumes about your business and, if done right, brochure design can make a difference between a client and another missed sale.

An attractive brochure is not hard to design, especially if you know your audience and the purpose of the brochure. To make it even more simple, our team at Leeds Printing Company has come up with 5 tips that will help you create an attractive brochure for your business.

Stick to one purpose

The first step before designing the brochure is to establish its purpose–do you want to present your business? Do you want to put a spotlight on your team? Keep it simple with one main topic. A mixed brochure is hard to follow and creates confusion. For example, if you want to create a brochure about your printing company in Leeds, you’ll include a short history of the company, some social proof, the services you offer and a few things about the core team.

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Double-check the copywriting

This includes a proofread for typos or grammar errors, but it also refers to the ability to tell the story. A client will read the first two or three pages and will flip through the rest of the brochure if the copy is not engaging. Also, make sure the tone of voice and the wording is congruent with all other materials.

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Choose the best visuals available for Brochure Design

Besides copywriting, images are the second most important thing in a brochure. If the images are low quality or don’t match the text, the overall quality of the material is affected. Fonts and dimensions are other aspects you need to consider when planning the visuals-use the same font and dimensions throughout the entire brochure (font increase is recommended only for headings).

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Avoid big statements

Readers no longer react to statements like “we are the best printing company in Leeds”, even when they’re supported by facts. Big words have been overly used in the past years, they have become a cliché. The beauty of a brochure is that it comprises a great essence in a small structure. Present facts and do it in a simple way–you’ll be amazed at the results!


Write it from the reader’s point of view

Imagine you’re the one needing this brochure-what would you want to know foremost about the business, the offer or the subject presented there? What is essential to you and what information can be left out? Overburdening the brochure with copy or images that are not essential will bore the reader, so make sure the design is breezy and easy to read.

As we promised, brochure design e is not complicated – on the opposite – the simpler it is, the more success you’ll have. If you need any other help with designing your brochures, Leeds Printing Company is the place to go to – they’ll be more than happy to help you.