Don’t Allow Your Printing Materials To Affect Your Business

Did you know your printed materials can boost or decrease your sales significantly?

Business cards, presentation brochures, posters – they can all build or crush your brand reputation. These materials usually send another message besides the plain information you wanted to deliver. They speak volume about the way you do your work.

High-quality printing materials are associated with high-quality delivered service.  Unfortunately, the same goes for anything less than that.

You might be tempted to think this isn’t true.

You probably know businesses that don’t invest much in their printed materials, yet they deliver high-quality products or service. So, how can these two things be related?

For an already-purchasing client, these things probably don’t matter that much. They already trust the business enough not to care about the materials that are being used. But for a potential customer, every little thing matters. They want to know if it’s worth trading their money for the service or product they get. If they’re not satisfied with what they see before it’s time to cash in, they probably won’t.

How Can Printed Materials Boost Your Sales

Printed materials have a long life cycle. Think business cards – they get passed around very often. Now imagine you gave away your business card at an event. After a while, that person passed it further to someone else, and so on until your business card ended up in the hands of a client you’ve always wanted to sign.

Business cards Printed double sided leeds

Here’s the trick: if you use high-quality materials, what that potential client gets is an as-new business card. Even if it’s been printed the year before.

On the other hand, if you use low-quality materials, chances are your business card will be so worn out, the contact details might be unreadable.

Another great example is stickers. A simple idea that goes a long way, the stickers can have an unexpected impact on your sales. They are easy to design and print, they’re accessible and they can make your brand famous.

Why Are Stickers an Intelligent Way to Advertise?

You hand them out in your store; you place them in a client’s package; you distribute them to events – it’s your choice how you get them to your customers. But once they get it, that’s when the magic happens for your business. They usually stick it on their phone, tablet or laptop case, on their backpack or other similar items.

This benefits you twice: once because that customer will keep seeing your brand every day or every time they use that item, and twice because other people will notice the sticker on their backpack or laptop. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise and it’s also perceived as non-aggressive advertisement by your potential customers.

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