Advantages Of Direct Mail

Mass-marketing is something that wouldn’t have even dared to dream of ten years ago. Today, you write a mail, hit send and within a few minutes, it’s already in the inbox of tens of thousands of people – it’s that easy. But, sometimes, easy isn’t the way to go. We get overburdened with one too many e-mails that no one really ever reads.

So, standing out from the crowd is quite difficult. What can you do to get to your community in a way that really puts you in a special place in their heart? Believe it or not, direct mail can solve this situation.

Down below you’ll find five reasons direct mail is worth your efforts. Read them all and decide what’s best for your business.

1. You’re More Authentic

As opposed to electronic mail, which can be delivered almost instantly, it takes time to create and deliver direct mail. You put thought into it, and you’re more connected to the other person. Moreover, direct mail is more authentic by nature than electronic mail, because there is a tangible item they can manipulate and feel. This can also come as an element of surprise, because no one ever takes time to send a letter, or even a personalised invitation, at last.

2. The Approach is Personal

Direct mail allows you to personalise the content more easily and adapt it to each client. Imagine you knew one of your clients’ child won an important chess tournament. You’re not acquainted enough to give them a call just to congratulate them, and an e-mail seems inappropriately cold. Enter direct mail, the missing link.

3. You Create a Bond

The next natural step is that you strengthen your bond with the other person. They see and feel that you care about them, and there’s also a trust exchange there. This, instead, will facilitate a possible subsequent sale.

This may sound transactional, but it’s the natural dynamics of a relationship where both parties care about each other. If you’re sending direct mail – or doing any marketing efforts, for that matter – just because you want to impress, take advantage of your client or prove them you care, so they will buy from you, you’re on the wrong track. Just care about them, and everything else will fall into place.

4. Chances of Getting a Response Increase

Because now there’s a warm relationship, the chances of getting a response increase. Because they know who you are, they know what you do, they associate you with a nice, warm feeling. If they ever need or want your services and products, they already know you’re the right person for them.

5. You Can Easily Measure Its Impact

There’s no need for complicated tracking software to measure the impact of a direct mail campaign. Suppose you sent out 200 leaflets to direct, specific customers or potential customers, and each of these leaflets had a coupon attached to it. How many coupons were redeemed, within how many weeks? It’s that easy.

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