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7 Business Design Card Ideas

The right business card can make a difference between yet another prospect and your next client. Cards that are poorly designed or randomly printed on paper can give the wrong impression on the quality of your services. On the other hand, a tailored business card can impact and grow your network in ways you could never imagine.

If you want to break the pattern of traditional business cards, here are 7 ideas that can inspire you to choose the design that tells your business’ story:

1. Retro and Vintage

Retro items always turn all heads, so why not turn your business card into a vintage one? No matter your business, a retro or vintage look is perceived as more trustworthy, which is exactly the impression you want to leave on your possible client, partner or associate.

2. Minimal and Geometric

This design is suitable especially if you’re in online business, where everything needs to keep a clean design, so it can be easily observed. With the important information on one side and a QR code to your top product or service on the other, you’ve got a brand new business card to hand out.

3. Elegant and Bold

Nothing entices attention more than elegance and boldness together. Be it the colour scheme, the details on the card or the font you’re using, this combination can work wonders, especially if you’re addressing to middle-upper class. What is it that makes you elegant and bold? Find the answer and hand it out as a business card.

4. Stylish and Sophisticated

This is a slightly toned-down version of elegant and bold, with the right amount of cheekiness included. Therefore, a stylish business card is more versatile than an elegant one, as it lacks the sober tone.

5. Creative and Noticeable

When all business cards look the same, it’s hard to make yourself get noticed. Change the support on which you print it or opt for a design that’s vertically oriented, instead of the traditional landscape orientation. Let creativity flood and break the patterns – that’s how you get noticed.

6. Playful and Relatable

Even if we’re talking business, a card shouldn’t always be too serious. For instance, if your work involves some kind of magic, you can design it to resemble a playing card (or the entire set). Or make it look like a credit card – the more people can relate to it, the higher the chances they will remember it.

7. Edgy and Distinctive

Put your business on the card, literally. Are you selling a revolutionary vacuum cleaner? Then add a textile patch that resembles a carpet. Are you a topographer? Then print an in relief topographic map of the area you’re working in.

In conclusion, your business card can help you create long-lasting connections or they can make you unnoticed. The ideal card should tell a fragment of your business’ story – you get to choose which one. If you want us to help you with the design and printing, get in touch with us – or 0113 322 64 22.