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6 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

No matter what type of business you’re in, making it stand out in the market is (or should be) one of your top priorities. Why should clients choose to buy from you and not from any other company that offers the same products or services?

Printed materials are one sure way to make your business get noticed because they communicate not only about your offers, but about your brand identity. And this is exactly what helps a customer decide whether they will give their money to you or your competitors.

We’ve gathered a list of 6 printed products that can impact your image in the market tremendously. Let’s see how each of these will benefit your business.

1. Business Cards

Business cards are a must have for every business and entrepreneur. Often times, they are the first thing a potential customer sees. And how many chances do you have for making a great first impression?

2. Roller Banner

Roller banners are an elegant way to draw attention to your business. They’re typically used to create brand awareness, and not sell a certain offer, which makes them more appealing to customers, who don’t perceive them as aggressive marketing.

3. Stickers

Just like roller banners, stickers are a discreet way in which someone else advertises your business. By giving out free stickers with each purchase – or even to each customer who enters your store – you’re increasing your chances to raise brand awareness. People of all ages love filling their laptop covers or other personal items with stickers that are fun or that would make them look good. So why wouldn’t some of these stickers point to your brand?

4. Posters

In an aggressive marketing universe, where every ad is trying to make you interactive, posters are a breath of fresh air. A framed poster hanged outside your store has a nice vintage touch to it and it instantly puts the viewers in a state where advertising was aimed at the customer, and not at their pockets.

5. Folded Flyers

Typical flyers and leaflets may have lost their efficiency in some industries, especially when the products cost more. Let’s say you want to buy a new car and enter the dealer’s office. There are both leaflets and folded flyers – what appeals to you more? A folded flyer has more thought put into it, more information and it transmits a more professional image to your customers.

6. Compliment slips

A branded compliment slip can go a long way with your clients. Whether it’s a thank you note that you insert with their order or a card that has a motivational message like smile more today, it will surely crack the door open to their heart.

If you need help with printing your branded materials, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll choose the best printing materials that suit your message and identity.